BKT Offers Line of Tires for Logistics and Port Handling Applications

BKT has a line of tires featuring high resistance to wear and punctures to meet the needs of logistics and port handling applications.

Container King tire
Container King tire
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A dynamic company in constant evolution, committed to researching and developing day after day new solutions to extend and enhance their product range: BKT has been able to meet the tough requirements in logistics and port handling applications by engineering tires that can operate on uneven and hazardous terrains, and at construction sites with rough concrete surfaces handling heavy loads at full safety. A large offer of highly resistant and safe tires to safeguard operations and to improve efficiency. It goes without saying that the BKT tire range is among the most specialist and extensive ones on the market today, specifically conceived for each type of equipment, application, and specific need.

Reach stackers? No problem!

The port logistics sector requires extremely resistant tires ensuring an extended durability over time. Portmax PM 90 is a radial tire with multi-ply steel belts providing as a key feature exceptional stability, which is essential for handling heavy loads. The all-steel structure ensures maximum casing robustness, as well as suitable load distribution on the supporting surfaces. Another plus of the new Portmax PM 90 tire is its extended product life-cycle thanks to a special tread compound with improved formula.

Portmax PM 90 is also a perfect partner in terms of productivity since the reduced rolling resistance significantly improves fuel economy. BKT’s latest creation is now available in size 18.00 R 25.

SM 55, instead, is the ideal tire for logistics and intermodal transport applications. The absolute driving comfort on concrete or asphalt surfaces is its great advantage along with excellent stability in lift mode. SM 55 features an extra deep tread (IND5 L5S), which ensures extraordinary resistance to abrasions, cuts and punctures. The SM 55 tire is available in size 18.00 – 25.

First-class stability, resistance, and durability – these are the traits of Container King, specifically designed for delicately handling heavy loads. The special tread compound reduces the risk of cracks and ensures a longer tire life, which leads to major advantages in terms of usage and production efficiency. Available in size 18.00 – 25.

And once again, Port King Plus. The distinctive feature is its extra-deep tread with sturdy lugs. A particularly stable and resistant tire, even under intense usage conditions, that ensures production efficiency and efficacy throughout its entire product life-cycle. A truly reliable tire. For the toughest and most demanding applications, a GCRC version with a Groove Crack Resistant Compound can be ordered. Available in size 18.00 – 25.

SM 54 featuring a deep tread (L4S) and a particular smooth pattern completes the BKT product line for reach stackers and is also suitable for empty container handling. Effectively withstanding cuts and punctures, it ensures an extended durability compared to traditional tires. SM 54 is another tire providing best stability in lift mode as a response to industry requirements. The tire is available in three sizes: 16.00– 25, 18.00 – 25 and 18.00 – 33.

The ultimate tires for container handlers

For applications with full and empty container handlers, BKT offers Rock Grip, a bias-ply tire, ideal for fast-paced transfers that are typical for this environment.

For fast handling, specific features such as significant heat and cut resistance are required - features that Rock Grip undoubtedly proves to have. Available on the market in the sizes: 12.00 – 24, 14.00 – 24, 18.00 – 25 and 18.00 – 33. 

Rock Grip has a lot in common with XL Grip, another bias-ply tire designed for empty container handling. A sturdy casing, a reinforced compound in addition to great cut-and-chip resistance are its distinctive features. XL Grip provides a wide contact area on the ground as well as extraordinary stability during lifting operations thanks to the tread grooves and optimized tie bars. It is available in three different sizes: 12.00 – 24, 16.00 – 25 and 18.00 – 25.

For container handlers, BKT offers EM 937, which has been specifically designed for stacking and loading operations. Excellent resistance and extended durability are its main features along with extraordinary maneuverability and high load capacity. It is the perfect tire for paved surfaces and for all those activities requiring intense handling operations within the port. Size: 14.00-24.

For particularly rough and hard terrains where maximum resistance and durability are required, POWER TRAX HD is the ideal solution. This tire provides excellent resistance against cuts, chips and tears thanks to a particularly deep tread, an extra thick sidewall and its remarkably sturdy casing. Moreover, the specially designed rim guard ensures protection against accidental damages, and the HD Heavy Duty tread compound does the rest. Available in size 12.00 – 20.

POWER TRAX HD SMOOTH is likewise suitable for moving very heavy loads at full safety if conditions are tough and critical. The solid tread structure and the reinforced sidewall safeguard the tire avoiding machine downtime and increasing hence efficiency. Available on the market in size 12.00 – 20.

For straddle carriers, gantry and RTG cranes only

Particular resistance, extreme durability and high load capacity make Portmax PM 93 definitely the ultimate radial tire for intermodal transport with straddle carriers. Strong and solid even under the toughest operating conditions, this tire handles even the heaviest loads maintaining excellent stability. Moreover, this tire ensures optimum driving comfort without skidding in addition to fuel economy. Available in size 16.00 R 25. 

XL GRIP IND3 (RTG) is the reference tire lineup in the specific version for gantry and RTG cranes. Its distinct features are the robust casing and a specially formulated compound as well as the unparalleled, extraordinarily extensive range of tires available in six different sizes: 16.00 – 25, 18.00 – 25, 21.00 – 25, 24.00 – 29, 21.00 – 35 and 24.00 – 35.