Oerlikon Displaying Range of Drivetrain Solutions at bauma China 2016

At bauma China, Oerlikon will exhibit several of its drivetrain solutions for off-highway applications including its Torque Hub range of planetary drives and shifting solutions.

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Oerlikon Drive Systems segment, with its two brands Oerlikon Graziano and Oerlikon Fairfield, will showcase its latest high-tech solutions for all types of construction machinery applications at the bauma China exhibition in Shanghai from November 22-25, in Hall N4 – Booth 450. Oerlikon Drive Systems, located in Europe, Americas and Asia (China and India), is continuing its program supporting customers everywhere. The company has historic pedigree in all mobility markets with over 95 years’ experience in the market place.

Oerlikon Drive Systems segment is a leading global provider of drive solutions used in a wide range of machinery and equipment for construction, mining, agriculture, energy and transportation. Thanks to the company’s worldwide expansion, today Oerlikon Drive Systems is a “global drive systems provider” and a preferred partner for the design and development, testing and manufacturing of drive solutions.

bauma China is the top trade fair in China and throughout Asia for construction machinery, building material machines, construction vehicles and equipment, attracting decision-makers looking for new solutions from Asia’s major growth markets and visitors from more than 140 countries. This exhibition is a key opportunity to showcase the technology capability under two brands, Oerlikon Fairfield and Oerlikon Graziano; the product range on display includes planetary drives (Torque Hub), Shifting Solutions (synchronizers units), motor grader axle systems, powershift transmissions for forklift trucks and ground support equipment (GSE), as well as examples of its gear sets.

Planetary Drives

Oerlikon Fairfield Torque Hub range of planetary drives is one of the most recognized brand in the industry, delivering torque output and long-life performance required for industrial machinery and off-highway mobile equipment. Available with integrated Torque Lock parking brake, the different models can be assembled on different applications in the off-highway, construction and mining market, a special mention of E01 Electric drive and 7000 Series electric wheel drive.

Shifting Solutions (Synchronizer unit for heavy-duty applications)

The synchronizer of choice for the major OEMs is Oerlikon Graziano, brand very well known in the mobility market. The high-torque strut type, which offers reduced shift effort and faster shift time, giving drivers greater vehicle control and improved productivity. Modular by design and available in single cone 153 or single-double cone 168-162/170 designation; the synchronizer can be characterized with a range of friction material options for optimized performance, as determined by individual transmission requirements. The heavy-duty strut-type synchronizers can also provide an upgrade from traditional, less-efficient, pin-type units.

Motor Grader Rear Axle systems

Covers entirely the motor grader needs from 10-20.5 ton machine operating weight. The axle systems provide quick adaptation to the ground conditions and excellent working performances in rough working condition or in fine leveling. Wet disc brakes fitted outboard on each wheel hub enable greater braking capacity and performances in heavy conditions such as mining.

Powershift Transmissions

PST 2-speeds F/R power-shift transmission, specifically designed for industrial applications suitable for FLT applications from 4-8 T lifting capacity, is very reliable for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) applications as well up to 60,000 N drawbar pull or up to 40 Kph max speed.

High-precision gears

Oerlikon Drive Systems segment is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gears of all types and sizes: spur, helical, bevel, Zerol and hypoid.

The gear sizes range from 12 mm diameters used in high performance automotive transmissions up to 2 m diameter gears, which harness the power of wind turbines. Oerlikon's manufacturing centers worldwide provide the global reach to support production where clients are located.

Crown wheel and pinion sets

Oerlikon Drive Systems segment has a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of crown wheel and pinion sets used in the most technical challenging or complex construction equipment, agricultural and specialist automotive applications, applying all the technologies available on the market today.

During the bauma China show, technical staff and top management will be available to answer any question regarding the company's latest technologies.

Visit Oerlikon in Hall N4 – Booth 450.

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