Renault Trucks Adds Robotised Gearbox to Construction Trucks for Improved Safety, Comfort

Renault Trucks is adding its Optidriver Xtended to its C and K ranges fitted with extra-slow (crawler) gears to enable customers working under severe operating conditions to have the option of using one or two additional extra-slow gears.

Optidriver Xtended 00

Vehicles in the Renault Trucks C and K construction ranges can now be fitted with a robotised extra-slow gearbox, the Optidriver Xtended. Depending on their requirements, customers can choose one or two additional gears positioned above the first gear. These enable drivers to move their vehicles at very slow speeds (between 0.7 and 2 km/h) in complete safety and with high precision.

Optidriver Xtended improves driving comfort and the manoeuvring capabilities of trucks in difficult driving conditions, as well as facilitating steep hill starts and/or full-load starts. Optidriver Xtended also reduces operating costs for customers as less stress is placed on the clutch and wear time is extended.

The 13-speed slow version (Over Drive*) is recommended for customers operating in the construction and heavy construction industries, in heavy transport situations exceeding 80 tons, as well as applications requiring constant, slow truck movement, such as spreaders and sweepers. The 14-speed extra-slow version (Direct Drive and Over Drive*), available only on all-wheel drive vehicles, is designed to meet the extreme demands of quarries, mines, forests and oil and gas operations.

* Direct Drive: last gear at 1 and Over Drive: last gear at 0.79