Walterscheid ICVD S1N 370V Continuously Variable Travel Drive

The Walterscheid ICVD S1N 370V continuously variable travel drive provides tractive force through the entire speed range up to 40 kph.

Wpg Icvd 370 C

Walterscheid Powertrain Group's continuously variable travel drive ICVD S1N 370V, developed in partnership with Danfoss Power Solutions, meets growing requirements for tractive force, speed and energy efficiency of agricultural and construction machinery.

  • Tractive force is provided through entire speed range up to 40 kph (24.9 mph) without a shifting process or interruption
  • Helps ensure high user comfort and energy efficiency 
  • Reduces drag-torque and costs of the system in comparison to multi-motor concepts as no friction clutches or additional hydraulic motors are required
  • Control unit offers various control options and ensures perfect compatibility with available controller and software interfaces
  • Compact dimensions of hydraulic motor and gearbox
  • Weighs approximately 200 kg (440.9 lbs.)
  • Offers power capacity of 130 kW (174.3 hp)
  • Based on bent axis motor kit with corresponding swivel mechanism and control unit

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