Walterscheid Smart & Connected Powertrain Solutions

The Smart & Connected Powertrain Solutions generate data on powertrain component performance which is captured via integrated sensors.

Wpg Smart Schaubild

Walterscheid Powertrain Group is now offering Smart & Connected Powertrain Solutions which provide data on powertrain performance to help improve efficiency, reliability, service and maintenance.

  • Benefits both OEM and aftermarket customers
  • Collects all data needed to maintain and optimize performance of powertrain 
  • Monitors powertrains in operation, providing live data on operation and service requirements
  • Data is generated via plug and play sensors which can be integrated into various Walterscheid powertrain components
  • Data is safely transmitted and electronically stored via cloud connectivity
  • Data can then serve as ‘digital twin’ of the powertrain, allowing machines and processes to be closely monitored from distant offices and maintenance shops
  • Continuously collects core operating data such as angle, torque, rotation speed, slip or temperature to reliably recognize potential irregularities before failures or downtime can occur
  • Reduces necessary maintenance efforts due to predictive and condition based monitoring as well as early wear detection
  • Enables prediction of service and repair intervals, thus allowing for increased powertrain availability
  • Provides information online via the cloud
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