INTERMAT 2024: ZF Introduces New Electric Offerings in Driveline Technology

Combining the benefits of electric systems with the performance of traditional drivelines, ZF focuses on electrification and zero emissions in its new products, ZF eTRAC, ZF ECOMIX CMe Electric Mixer Drive and more.

ZF eTRAC drive system for mobile excavators
ZF eTRAC drive system for mobile excavators
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At INTERMAT 2024, ZF aims to highlight its future-proof driveline solutions in the field of electrification and contribute to reduce emissions at construction sites. According to a press release, the company will showcase the following new and existing components:

ZF eTRAC – Modular e-platform for vehicles from 20-210 kW ZF eTRAC – Modular e-platform for vehicles from 20-210 kWZF eTRAC – Modular e-platform for vehicles from 20-210 kWZF

The eTRAC electric drive system satisfies all the expectations for performance and productivity found in traditional drivelines and combines them with the extensive benefits and opportunities that electric systems offer. With a modular design, this new range of electric central drives can easily be adapted for various vehicle applications.

  • Zero emissions without compromising on performance
  • Low noise level
  • Efficient electrical components
  • Robust and reliable mechanical driveline
  • Compact installation space

E-mobility solutions for compact vehicles such as loaders, site dumpers or telehandlers are the first to enter the construction equipment market, especially in urban or emission-regulated areas. The eTRAC driveline system with its range of 48/96/650-volt e-motors developed by ZF provides the necessary emission-free drive. Additionally, the Group also acts as system supplier. It not only supplies the electric drive, but also offers a combination of front and rear axles, inverters and an eDCU (Electric Drive Control Unit). This best-in-class solution achieves the same output as conventional drivetrains, without compromising on performance factors such as traction and end speed.

A newly launched system for mobile excavators consists of a 2-speed powershift transmission, electric motor, and inverter. It can be scaled up to peak torque 850 Nm and continuous power of 80 kW. Three power classes of the electric central drive system eCD50, eCD70 and eCD90 are available to cover different vehicle sizes in the targeted applications. The electric central drives can easily be adapted for various vehicle applications like backhoe loaders, telehandlers, or forestry equipment. To complete the customers´ demand, not only in regards of traction drive, ZF also offers the so called ePTO, e.g., to run the working hydraulic. For one of the main operational functions of an excavator on construction sites – the rotation of the upper carriage – ZF has developed the fully electric swing drive eDR. In addition to the actual driving operation, it is now also possible to operate the rotation movement electrically, which ensures even more savings regarding energy and CO2 emissions.

To complete the range of electric drives for larger construction vehicles, ZF is offering the eTRAC eCD110-210 series for mid-sized wheel loaders, consisting of an electro-mechanical powershift transmission and one e-motor for traction and ePTO each. An electric drive control unit for overall system performance and power management completes the system. With a 650 V operating voltage, the system can be scaled up to 120 kW continuous power; the ePTO ranges from 30 to 70 kW continuous power. Thanks to its modular design, the system can be integrated in various other vehicle applications as well and can be driven independently from the power source. The company´s solutions fit in both battery-electric vehicles and fuel-cell battery electric vehicles, which will also play a big role in the future of construction machineries.

ZF ECOMIX CMe Electric Mixer Drive

The ECOMIX CMe electric drum mixer drive is teamed with a battery as an energy source for truck mixer parts. This guarantees customers security when investing in and planning the procurement of new truck mixers. Traditional mixer drum drives operate via high pressure hydraulics that make the truck’s combustion engine dependent on a PTO to drive the hydraulic pump. The new plug-in hybrid concept replaces the hydraulic motor in the mixer drive with a pre-connected electric motor and the hydraulic pump with a generator. The truck's engine can, therefore, be turned off while on the construction site and at the mixer system, allowing the drum to move autonomously and with no emissions, thanks to the electric motor. The battery can be charged on the mixer system by cable and by a built-in generator when being driven.

The CMe also improves fuel consumption and noise levels which in turn has a positive effect on factors such as savings, freedom of movement and comfort.

The new mixer system raises the bar for efficiency, productivity and noise without neglecting the total cost of ownership.

The energy source for the drive system is a powerful battery that has been fitted to the trailer. During operation, the vehicle can access 60 kW continuous power and a peak power of 125 kW for a shorter period.

The 650 V used by the high voltage system was specially selected for reduced power loss. Further, this is emerging as the standard in the electric commercial vehicles sector.

ZF CeTrax lite

Using synergies from ZF’s development and production of passenger car drives, the newly developed CeTrax lite electric central drive driveline is adapted to use in light commercial vehicles, Ground Support Equipment, or special applications. As an electric central drive, CeTrax provides a smart ‘turn-key’ solution to support the architectures of conventionally fueled vehicles as well as manufacturers’ electrification strategies.

Designed for vehicles up to 7.5 Tons, CeTrax lite has a peak performance of 150 kW and a torque of 1,500 Nm. The optimized compact design of CeTrax lite helps maximize space for electric components and batteries. The module is a fully integrated system, housing the electric motor as well as a 1-speed transmission stage and power electronics. In addition to its enhanced flexibility, the system offers a light-weight design at around 120 kg.

Material Handling Solutions

Completing the range of electric drive solutions for goods transportation and material handling, ZF offers front and rear drives for electric counterbalance lift trucks and ready-to-install complete systems for any kind of warehouse handling equipment such as reach trucks, electric tractors, cleaning vehicles, or automatically guided transport systems.

eTRAC GP-Series: Dual-motor front wheel drives

The ZF eTRAC GP family offers electrically powered dual drive systems for three- and four-wheel counterbalanced forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 3.5 tons.

eTRAC GK-Series: Bevel gear drives

With its patented hypoid toothing ZF provides the customer with optimum performance (torque capacity), service life and high ratio in a minimal installation space.

Electrohydraulic brake-by-wire solution for safe and efficient vehicle operation

A global leader in hydraulic and electrohydraulic braking systems, ZF supports customers in the heavy duty, off-highway, construction, mining, and agriculture sectors with safe and efficient brake technology.

The company’s newest brake-by-wire solution is an important step change, as it provides vehicle manufacturers the ability to control deceleration via an electronic signal that adjusts brake pressure when needed, removing the need for hydraulic lines in the cab and evolving towards remote and autonomous operation.

As the off-highway market continues its transition from mechanical to intelligent braking technology, the new brake-by-wire system offers a universal solution that is easily scalable.

The system is comprised of three components: an electronic pedal, electrohydraulic brake valve, and a universal controller. Together, the system offers vehicle manufacturers ease of installation, electrohydraulic brake valves for precision brake control and adaptable pedal response/brake feel that can be customized to fit a vehicle’s brand identity. It also provides key operator benefits including reduced cabin noise, and passenger car-like comfort for brake feel.

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