TM Blue Agricultural Tires

Trelleborg launches the TM Blue tire concept to combine sustainable agriculture with productivity.

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Trelleborg Wheel Systems developed the TM Blue agricultural tire concept to provide a respect for the environment while providing productivity and lower fuel consumption at the same time. The concept also involves a reduction in natural resources used to create the tires.

  • Preserves structure and organic life of soil
  • Minimizes mechanical damage caused by compression and bad or wrong tillage 
  • Features extra wide footprint, carcass deflection and overall pressure distribution on field
  • Allows soil to return to original state
  • Tread design features inter-lug terracing for self-cleaning, higher traction and less soil transfer
  • Shape of lug and carcass deflection provide low vibration
  • Contributes to reduced fuel consumption and lowering of CO2 emissions
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