New CENTAFLEX-TIR Coupling Combines Cost Savings & Energy Efficiency

Learn how the CENTAFLEX-TIR coupling helped crane manufacturer, Tadano, reduce system vibration and achieve significant cost savings while reducing CO2 emissions.

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The next generation of engines require a coupling that can withstand lower idling speeds. Most couplings cannot withstand speeds lower than 750 RPM, which causes strain to the coupling and can lead to the damage of other critical drive components such as gearboxes, bearings, and pump drives.

The solution to this issue is the new CENTAFLEX-TIR coupling, with a patented dual-stage roller design that allows for increased absorption of vibration without overheating. The CENTAFLEX-TIR coupling is able to withstand lower idling speeds while continuing to protect connected equipment without faltering. After installing the CENTAFLEX-TIR coupling on a Tadano® large lattice boom crawler crane, it is estimated that Tadano® will achieve significant annual savings and reduce their CO2 emissions.

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