Device Solutions Inc.

Morisville, NC 27560

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1004 Copeland Oaks Drive
Morisville, NC 27560
Phone:(919) 732-7872

Device Solutions is led by Bob Witter, Chris Lamb and Keith Anderson, and is committed to providing wireless and mobile device consulting, design and development for embedded products.  In its 12-year history, Device Solutions has successfully created many products that impact daily life.  Examples of products on the market include: a mechanism to control a car’s ignition through breathalyzer, wireless utility monitoring, an implanted heart device that serves those awaiting transplant, wearable electronics, and a non-interventional wristband to aid children with autism and ADHD.  In 2012, the partners decided to invest in Cellio, an IoT/M2M/IIoT product, which simplifies connecting most any sensor or controller to the network.  Cellio is designed to address the unique requirements identified across the variety of industries needing to monitor and control remote assets.  

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