KEP3 PLUS+1 Compliant Electronic Foot Pedal

PLUS+1 compliant bi-directional rocker pedal offers performance, durability, functional safety and ease of integration.

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Sauer-Danfoss introduces the PLUS+1 compliant KEP3 electronic foot pedal, a bi-directional, over-center rocker pedal used to drive vehicles equipped with hydrostatic transmissions and/or electronically controlled engines. Designed for superior performance, durability, functional safety and ease of control system integration.

  • IP-66 sealed electronics
  • Able to withstand high static loads
  • For vehicle applications with a high duty cycle of direction changes, such as material handling equipment
  • Comprehensive application expertise enabling customers to design vehicle control systems more easily and reduce time to market
  • Delivers commands to the electronic transmission or the engine controller, where the output signal of the foot pedal is proportional to the angle of the foot pedal actuation
  • 14 degrees angular rotation fore and aft
  • Features a Hall effect sensor specifically designed for heavy equipment applications
  • Provides two different types of redundant signals to fit a variety of control strategies; redundant sensors feature independent isolated circuits and protection against electrical misconnection
  • Durability of a 3 million full actuation cycle life with a wide operating temperature
  • Safety functions to SIL 2 (according to IEC 61508) performance level d (per ISO 13849-1), including the Sauer-Danfoss H1 Automotive Control system
  • Compliant to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS 124 and 302
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