ACS800 AC Drive

ABB has released its ACS800 AC drive which is 50% smaller than its predecessor.

Acs 800 10798044

ABB’s ACS800 AC drive brings greater performance, easier commissioning and simpler programming, allowing the drive to be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Up to 50% smaller than its equivalent predecessor in the ACS600 range
  • Rated from 1.1 kW to 500 kW and at supply voltages of 380V to 500V
  • Features Direct Torque Control for rapid response to variations in motor load and smoother operation
  • Start-up Assistant guides user through the commissioning procedure and helps select the application’s most important settings
  • Automatically detects when drive is turned on for first time
  • Adaptive Programming consists of a set of blocks that can be programmed to perform any operation from a predefined set of functions
  • All common mathematical and logical functions as well as switches, comparators, filters and timers are available
  • Users can create new input and/or output signals and modify the drive’s speed or torque control
  • Allows integration of user-specified functions into the drive, which are traditionally done with additional equipment like relays and timers
  • Everything that is needed in an AC drive can be mounted inside the drive, including integrated RFI- filters chokes, brake choppers, I/O extensions, fieldbuses and pulse encoder module
  • Inside the drive are slots for up to three plug-in option modules
  • Backward compatible with previous ACS 600 family
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