CorePlus Motor Generator and Power Electronics

Cummins Generator Technologies' latest development, the CorePlus Motor Generator and Power Electronics is designed for use with hybrid systems and electric vehicle designs.

CorePlus Motor Generator
CorePlus Motor Generator
Cumminslo 10108212

Cummins Generator Technologies announces availability of its CorePlus Motor Generator and Power Electronics technology in the American market.

  • For engine electrification of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Offers power, torque and performance characteristics suitable for hybrid systems, electric vehicle designs, range extender solutions and electrical power generation in vehicles
  • Fits between vehicle engine and transmission, allowing OEMs to keep using their preferred engine and transmission
  • Rugged housing allows operation in the harsh environment of the engine bay
  • Features torsional strength to allow engine torque to be transferred through it to the transmission
  • Provides peak power of 90 kW, peak torque of 660 Nm and efficiencies greater than 95%
  • CorePlus controls software enhances the power, performance, safety and efficiency of the power electronics and the Motor Generator combination
  • Alternate power and performance nodes can be developed cost-effectively to meet specific customer needs
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