CW Series Hall Effect Control Wheel

The CW Series Hall Effect Control Wheel from APEM uses Hall-effect technology to provide reliable and accurate linear output.

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APEM Inc. announces the release of the CW Series Hall Effect Control Wheel. 

  • Uses non-contacting Hall-effect technology to provide highly reliable and accurate linear output
  • For integration into joystick handles and control grips as well as panel mount applications
  • Enables system designers to optimize ergonomics and efficiency of control systems
  • Low profile design measuring 25 mm x 13 mm x 9 mm above panel and 18 mm below panel
  • Features arching wheel design to provide one axis of forward and backward movement
  • Utilizes snap-in tabs for easy panel mounting 
  • Includes spring return to center mechanism
  • Ergonomically designed for precision finger-tip control,  making it well suited for repeated operations over long periods
  • Features proportional control, stable output, low noise and long life 
  • Operates with a 5V DC power supply and has over-voltage protection up to 20V DC
  • Available with one of four output options
  • Provides linear signal spanning 90 degrees of mechanical travel
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 85 C
  • Provides return-to-center tolerance of +/-200 mV
  • Electrical connections are provided through three-pin Samtec 0.100 in. pitch male connector 
  • Wide range of configuration options available including voltage output range, wheel color and style, allowing configuration to best suit needs of individual applications
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