East Penn Mfg. Co. Inc.

Lyon Station, PA 19536

Company Details
Deka Rd.
Lyon Station, PA 19536
United States

Since 1946, East Penn Manufacturing Company has been producing a wide variety of lead-acid batteries, battery accessories, wire and cable products. An independent and progressive company committed to the future, East Penn owns and operates the largest single site battery manufacturing facility in its industry.

East Penn's high tech facilities with computer monitoring and control systems have made us the most technologically advanced battery manufacturer in our industry.

East Penn's Quality System is certified to ISO 9001 for its entire plant site and all divisions.

Staffed with a stable, long-term management team, East Penn is the industry's largest independent company and is dedicated to producing a world class product, delivered on-time for complete customer satisfaction. The company is also noted for its outstanding customer relationships.

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