75920 Master Battery Disconnect Switch

Cole Hersee's 75920 Master Battery Disconnect Switch is designed for use with heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems.

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Cole Hersee Company, the Commercial Vehicle Products division of Littelfuse, Inc., introduces its 75920 Master Battery Disconnect Switch.

  • Cuts off all battery power from vehicle electrical system
  • Well suited for all vehicle electrical systems, including heavy truck applications
  • Provides an effective emergency power cutoff, protecting vehicles from tampering, theft and battery drain
  • Offers service personnel with extra level of safety, protecting them from hazards, and can be locked-out or tagged-out to satisfy OSHA requirements for energy isolation
  • Composite engineered polymer housing will not rust or corrode even when mounted in exposed locations
  • Tested per SAE 1455 for road salt, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Features high amperage capacity of 300A at 12V DC
  • Can be used in high side or low side applications, and fits standard Master Disconnect Switch mounting patterns
  • Large red knob allows for easy operation with gloved hands
  • 90 degree switch travel makes it easy to identify position
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