Delta-Q XV3300 Battery Charger

The XV3300 combines a high-performance 3.3 kW charger, 500W DC-DC converter, and EV charging station interface into a single compact package.

Dqt Xv3300 Battery Charging System
Delta-Q Technologies

Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q) launches the XV3300 which is part of a new line of battery charging solutions. 

  • Combines high-performance 3.3 kW charger, 500W DC-DC converter, and EV charging station interface in compact package
  • Low voltage charger which optimally charges all battery chemistries and nominal voltages between 48 and 120 V
  • Well suited for powertrain electrification
  • Available in 58.8V, 65V, and 120V models
  • Scalable to allow OEMs to stack chargers for power levels up to 20 kW
  • Delivers precise charge of battery packs of various chemistries and voltages to maximize battery life and optimize charge time
  • Ruggedly designed and IP67 rated
  • Tested for automotive-grade shock and vibration
  • Fully sealed aluminum die-cast enclosure protects against dust, liquids, and effects of immersion in up to 1 m of water
  • Available as an on-board and off-board charger to provide additional flexibility
  • Protected against short circuit, over-voltage, and over-temperature to ensure safe operation
  • Integrated 500W DC-DC converter provides auxiliary power to operate vehicle accessories such as air conditioners, controllers, lights, turn signals, navigation, and communication devices, and eliminates need for an external DC-DC converter
  • Complies with SAE J1772 (levels 1 and 2) and IEC 61851 (modes 2 and 3) to charge from standard EVSE AC charging stations across North America and Europe
  • Uses Controller Area Network (CANbus) communications
  • Carries comprehensive set of global regulatory approvals, including touch-safe requirements for the European electric vehicle market and global regulations to ensure safe and optimal user experiences

Learn more about Delta-Q's charging technology and electrification trends in the off-highway equipment industry in our interview with Rod Dayrit, Director of Business Development, North America, and Mourad Chergui, Product Manager, Delta-Q Technologies.

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