Gauge Jackhammer Battery-Powered Tracking Devices

The JH-BP2 tracking device is the first of its kind with rugged durability signaled by its IP69K Environmental Rating and a 17-year battery life.

Gauge Jackhammer JH-BP2.
Gauge Jackhammer JH-BP2.
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This 17-year-battery-powered asset tracking device is the most rugged and durable device available.

The JH-BP2 is intended for non-powered assets like trailers, storage containers or roll off boxes. This product includes a 17-year battery based on one message a day.

The JH-BP3 is intended for implements and attachments such as buckets, jackhammers, pile drivers, and more, it includes a four-year battery and an optional weld on steel guard. 


  • 17-year battery life
  • -40ºC to +85ºC operating range
  • IP69K environmental rating
  • LTE Cat-M1 cellular module
  • Wide thermal range
  • Durability guaranteed 
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