T/CCI Celebrates Production of 7,000,000th York Compressor

In addition to the production of its 7,000,000th York Compressor, T/CCI is celebrating receipt of Caterpillar's SQEP certification and new product growth in the coming year.

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Nearly 30 years ago, Borg-Warner gave up on its York Automotive compressor line, thinking it had only 750,000 units of life left in it. But J. Gerald Demirjian, who had already purchased one company from Borg-Warner, saw its potential and in 1987 bought the rights and equipment to continue manufacturing the 2-cyclinder York Compressor. Demirjian recognized the durability and reliability of the rugged reciprocating design and knew the equipment and tooling could manufacture the parts to extremely close tolerances, and the workforce was highly experienced and talented. He believed there was a lot more life left in this compressor and its technology, and niched the product line into the heavy-duty markets. The venture paid off. During the decade of the 90’s the 2-cylinder compressor was the North American market leader in the heavy-duty truck market and today remains a very popular product in the industry, and T/CCI is embarking on the release of new compressor technology applications this year. Today, T/CCI celebrates several milestones including production of its 7,000,000th 2-cyclinder York compressor (painted green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day); Bronze SQEP Certification from CAT at both its Decatur, IL, and Ningbo, China locations; expansion of its global footprint into Argentina and Germany; and new product expansion.

As an OEM for the truck, off-highway, construction, agricultural, specialty vehicle, and transport refrigeration markets, T/CCI is a world leader in compressor technology including swash plate, wobble plate and variable compressor designs. T/CCI is dedicated to a leadership role in the industry- investing resources through its engineering, testing and R&D labs including next generation refrigerants that reduce emissions and new product development testing/validation at its Climatic Wind Tunnel & Innovations Center. “Our growth can be attributed to our origins as the trusted source for performance, durability, reliability and value. We have expanded into a global network operation in the USA, China, Ireland, Germany and Argentina. As we continue to gain market share we stay focused on our goal to provide customers with superior products at significantly better prices. We achieve this through our application expertise, global logistics, design thinking and product innovation. In 2016, the market can expect to see new applications and line extensions with our 2-cyclinder compressor technology as well as new product growth with our variable compressor, swash and wobble plate product lines,” says Richard Demirjian, T/CCI President.

T/CCI Receives CATERPILLAR SQEP Certification

T/CCI was also recently recognized and awarded Bronze SQEP certifications by Caterpillar at both Ningbo, China and Decatur, IL, facilities. Only a limited number of CAT suppliers achieve this high level of certification and meet its stringent quality standards. “This SQEP certification is a prestigious designation for both our CNC machining division and compressor product lines. Achieving this award puts us at the forefront of the industry in providing quality products and value to our customers.

“Developing a higher quality, out-performing product is the hallmark of our business including—compressor technology that provides 2-3x longer life cycles, better defense against moisture, stronger clutch engagement and friction protection, better bearing life, emissions control and lower costs. In addition, our global footprint expansions in Argentina and Germany provide our customers enhanced service to meet delivery needs and cost saving demands,” says Lindsey Parrsh, T/CCI Director of Sales.

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