Xantrex Freedom X Inverters

Xantrex has introduced the Freedom X line of inverters featuring durable construction and a wide input voltage range of up to 18V DC.

X2000 45deg

Xantrex has expanded its Freedom line of inverters with the launch of four models in what has been named the Freedom X Series. 

  • Series includes two inverters and two inverters with built-in charger
  • Offers multitude of features including extended surge for motor loads, faster transfer time for quick transition from shore to battery
  • Includes large wiring bay with quick connect AC terminals for fast and easy wiring
  • Features on-board LED display
  • Users can choose and set their preferred low battery shutdown voltage to maximize 120V AC electronics run time without sacrificing reliable engine start up
  • Wide input voltage range, up to 18V DC, is designed for modern vehicles equipped with high voltage alternators
  • Ignition control function which controls inverter operation via vehicle’s ignition circuit or a manually operated switch enables efficient use of battery power
  • Delivers full rated output power from -4-104 F (-20-40 C)
  • All models include internal 30A transfer switch and can be hardwired or installed with optional GFCI outlet 
  • Inverters with built-in charger feature power share, power factor correction, temperature compensation, dead battery charging and custom charge algorithms for Li-Ion applications
  • Durable construction meets UL458 regulatory standards
  • Withstands vibration and shock of tough commercial vehicle applications  

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