Eaton Breaktor Circuit Protection Solution

Eaton's Breaktor circuit protection solution combines the function of fuses, pyro switches and contactors into a single coordinated device.

Eaton Breaktor
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Power management company Eaton announces its eMobility business is expanding its high-voltage circuit protection solutions for electrified vehicles (EVs) with the introduction of Breaktor, an advanced circuit protection solution. 

  • Combines function of fuses, pyro switches and contactors into a single coordinated device
  • Helps solve coordination challenge between fuses and contactors
  • Offers fast, safe and reliable protection for high-power battery and inverter systems
  • Less than 5-millisecond actuation up to 1,000V and 30,000 amps
  • Improves vehicle safety and protects components from any level of overcurrent condition more effectively than traditional circuit protection methods
  • Resettable like a circuit breaker, which enables reactivation following a functionality check, reducing cost for both the OEM and consumer
  • Can work in tandem with vehicle’s safety systems in event of a collision, allowing quick disconnection of high-voltage battery from rest of the vehicle
  • Self-triggering device able to sense a current spike and interrupt the circuit
  • Current limiting feature in the event of a short circuit improves system level protection
  • Independence from current direction allows for both charging and driving use under full electrical load
  • Multiple configurations, including voltage levels and multi-pole configurations
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