NXP Semiconductors i.MX 8QuadMax and 8QuadPlus Applications Processors

Mouser Electronics is offering the NXP Semiconductors i.MX 8QuadMax and 8QuadPlus Applications Processors which enable fast, multi-OS platform deployment.

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Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now offering the i.MX 8QuadMax and 8QuadPlus applications processors from NXP Semiconductors.

  • Multi-core applications processors
  • Well suited for applications such as infotainment systems, advanced industrial human machine interface (HMI) and control, heads-up displays, and machine vision and tracking devices
  • Enable fast, multi-OS platform deployment through advanced full-chip hardware virtualization and domain protection
  • Based on four Arm Cortex - A53 cores, two Cortex-M4F cores, and one (QuadPlus) or two (QuadMax) Cortex- A72 cores
  • Highly scalable
  • Incorporates HiFi 4 DSP core for pre- and post-audio processing and two graphics processing units (GPUs)
  • Offers high-performance end-to-end vision processing, suitable for developing advanced vision-based HMI systems
  • Supports up to four 1080p screens of independent content or a single 4K screen
  • Hardware-based virtualization, split GPU and display architecture, and resource partitioning support lower costs and faster time-to-market than using hypervisor techniques alone
  • Can be used with i.MX 8QuadMax Multisensory Enablement Kit (MEK) which provides comprehensive platform for developing and evaluating applications for embedded automotive and industrial markets
  • i.MX 8QuadMax MEK CPU Board offers high-level integration to support functions including graphics, video, audio, and voice functions, and includes all necessary software and drivers to create and evaluate broad-based applications
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