Youngstown, OH 44452

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Kessler Axles & Transfer Cases; Mobil Elektronik Steer by Wire Systems, Rotary Sensors & Terminals; Heyd Ball Joints, Torque Rods & Linkages; Neumeister Hydraulic Cylinders.

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801 E. Middletown Rd
Youngstown, OH 44452
United States

KTSDI has a long outstanding track record in the off highway vehicle design and controls market.

Working with many OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) KTSDI vehicle solutions have provided many unique electronic, hydraulic and mechanical control systems.

Our staff includes: Professional Engineers, Mechanical Designers, and Software Developers.

We specialize in very heavy load transport applications - Ranging from 100 to 10,000 Tons.

Applications include:

  • Steel mill transporter and slag pot carriers.
  • Ship building and modular transporters and SPMT (SELF PROPELLED MODULAR TRANSPORTER).
  • Specialized HEAVY load trailers.
  • Vehicle design and control solutions.


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