Nylacast Engineering Plastic Solutions

Leicester, England LE5 0HL

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200 Hastings Road
Leicester, England LE5 0HL
United Kingdom

For over 40 years Nylacast have been working within the construction industry including some of the world's leading construction companies. Utilizing the latest in CAD / CAM technology and in-house design techniques, Nylacast is renowned worldwide for pioneering durable and effective solutions.

Nylacast components are typically stable, corrosion-resistant, tough, self-lubricating and wear resistant and often recognised as the perfect solution to the arduous environments encountered during construction operations. We have worked very closely with technical and design engineers to develop new applications and find the most successful alternative to outdated metal components.

Today Nylacast consider our relationships within the construction sector as one of our strongest areas and continue to pioneer through material science and product application to best suit the requirements of the industry and our customers.

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