Sherwood Advanced Composite Technologies

Louisville, OH 44641

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4043 Beck Ave NE
Louisville, OH 44641
United States

Founded in 1967 as ‘Sherwood Patterns and Plastics, Corp.’ manufacturing patterns and composite structures for the Aerospace Industry, Sherwood built a reputation as an innovative manufacturer of Advanced Composite components for several OEM’s and Prime Contractors in the Aerospace, Defense and Commercial sectors.

Now as ‘Sherwood Advanced Composite Technologies, Corp’, Sherwood specializes in development, Commercialization and Manufacturing of Advanced Composite components focusing primarily within our core competencies all within our 45,000 sq ft facility located in Northeastern Ohio. Sherwood has the equipment and know-how for a variety of composite processing technologies; among them, Oven-cure Vacuum Bag Molding (OCVBM), Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM), Resin Infusion Molding, Rapid Prototype and Tooling .

For over 40 years, Sherwood has been fabricating a diversity of high performance composite products. Sherwood is well exercised in the Commercialization of various materials and processes closing the “technology Gap” between R&D and Lean Manufacturing. Sherwood takes pride in our ability to manufacture high quality products economically.

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