Caterpillar Introduces Its Latest Mining Truck

The Cat 789D Mining Truck was designed for performance and productivity as well as enhanced safety and serviceability.

The new Cat 789D Mining Truck incorporates new features to boost performance and productivity and to enhance safety and serviceability. A number of new options provide customers the flexibility to configure the truck for each application. The 789D builds on more than 25 years of proven performance for the 789 model, and it retains many of the proven technologies of the 789C, which the new model replaces.

The 789D nominal payload is 181 metric tons (200 short tons), an increase of 2.5% from the previous model. The mechanical drive train is powered by the Cat 3516C EUI quad turbocharged diesel engine as the standard. Where applicable, the 3516C engine is compliant with U.S. EPA emissions regulations. The 3516C delivers 1566 kW (2,100 hp) gross power, about 10% more than the previous model, for increased speed on grade. The 3516C standard engine is capable at altitudes up to 3658 meters (12,000 feet) with no derate. The Cat 3516B engine also is available for mines requiring an engine with gross power of 1417 kW (1,900 hp) to match with existing fleets.  

Caterpillar also introduces the Combination body for the 789D. Based on the dual slope design, the Combination body is a multi-purpose, high volume body designed to reduce haulage costs of well fragmented, low density material. An updated dual slope body also is available, as are X, MSD II and Dual Slope bodies—enabling mining customers to optimize their trucks for the application.

The 789D offers additional flexibility. It has been designed to accommodate larger tires, 40.00-R57 and 42/90R57. The standard tires size is 37.00-R57. In appropriate hauling conditions, larger tires will have longer lives and reduced costs per unit of material hauled.

The 789D retains the proven Cat oil-cooled braking system, which combines the service, secondary, parking brake and retarding functions in the same robust system for optimum braking efficiency. Four-corner retarding with 60/40% split (rear/front) in braking effort provides superior control in slippery conditions. Balanced front to rear brake torque provides exceptional braking performance and minimizes wheel lock-up, especially during retarding.

Safety and serviceability enhancements

Caterpillar has packaged popular attachments into arrangements for the 789D so that customers can select a cab equipped with desired features. A Standard Cab, Deluxe Cab and Deluxe Cold Weather Cab are available. All are ergonomically designed to promote operator comfort and efficiency, and the Deluxe Cabs feature a heated and ventilated operator seat. Diagonal stairways and an optional powered ground-level stairway ease access and egress.

The truck design enhances sight lines to the haul road and operating area. The air tank has been relocated off of the deck for enhanced sight lines to the right of the operator. The 789D also is equipped with the Object Detection system as standard equipment from the factory. The system uses both radars and cameras to give the operator audible and visual alerts of detected objects. The system enhances the view around the truck at low speeds.

The 789D is available worldwide in an XQ configuration for reduced sounds levels in the surrounding environment. The configuration uses sound attenuating materials and designs for significantly reduced spectator sound. 

For maintenance personnel safety and efficiency, daily service points are easy to access, and most are at ground level. Isolation and lock out systems also are conveniently located. A maintenance platform provides access to the engine, steering hydraulic tank and battery compartment. Tie off points are provided for work above ground level. An optional fast fill service center enables high speed fueling and oil exchange, and optional quick-change rims are available to simplify tire replacement. 

A number of changes extend reliability and durability. A new pump drive system provides continuous rear axle filtration. Benefits include cleaner oil, less downtime and improved component life. Extended life disc brakes are now standard equipment and may achieve up to double the wear life of the previously used brake material. The brakes are resistant to glazing and deliver consistent braking power and reduced maintenance. New air intake and filters have a new seal, which provides easier servicing and lower maintenance costs.