Kobelco's New SK210 Excavator Offers Small Size and Versatility

Kobelco's new SK210 excavator is latest addition to its Mark 9 series, offering power and versatility.

Sk210 3696

Kobelco Construction Machinery America introduces the SK210 full-size, high-performance excavator to the Kobelco Mark 9 excavator series. These new Tier 4 models include the SK260, SK295, SK350 and SK485 excavators. The versatile SK210 Mark 9 delivers a 10% improvement in both fuel efficiency and productivity, with more power and faster engine response.

Featuring an upgrade to Kobelco’s legendary intelligent hydraulics and a new Economy power mode, the SK210 Mark 9 is equipped with the industry’s first selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission solution for excavators. A new ROPS/FOPS certified cab provides a larger, more comfortable work environment, and a low engine cover and standard rear-view camera improve operator visibility and productivity.

For improved system efficiency and reduced component wear, the Kobelco SK210 Mark 9 also features a fully automatic engine and hydraulic warm-up system. This warms the hydraulic circuit to an optimum 126 F (52 C).

“As with all the Mark 9 models, the SK210 continues Kobelco’s tradition as a technology leader,” says Reece Norwood, Kobelco platform manager. “This new machine delivers the precise control and feel expert operators prefer. The SK210 Mark 9 can dig the trench, crane the pipe and finish with even better precision. Plus, our new SCR solution will deliver more useable engine power and fuel efficiency.”

The Kobelco SK210 Mark 9 features an operating weight of 47,840 lbs (21,700 kg) and a dig depth of 21 ft 3 in (6.47 m). The new model delivers 160 hp (119.3 kW).

Improved controllability and productivity

The upgraded Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) incorporates the culmination of three generations of continuous improvement in hydraulic controls, based on extensive customer input and product testing.

“The SK210 Mark 9 excavator maximizes the unique capabilities of its Tier 4 Interim certified FPT engine and optimized hydraulics with the upgraded ITCS,” Norwood says. “ITCS recognizes the operator’s moves and assists by providing power where and when it is needed. It also provides hydraulic sensitivity for fine grading and leveling.”

Integrated swing priority, a Kobelco first, provides seamless and smooth transition of additional pump power to the swing function. Automatic hydraulic regeneration feeds the cylinder demanding oil first, with oil that is being pushed out of another cylinder. This requires much less energy than having to re-pump the oil again, and also allows the next action to happen with faster response. The independent travel feature, activated with a switch, dedicates a pump to travel motors for better movement while performing other functions, such as when handling pipe while moving to the trench.

“The Kobelco Mark 9 excavators set the industry standard in terms of controllability, especially in multifunction applications,” Norwood says. “Operators will appreciate the impressive control and smoothness of the SK210 Mark 9, and the added confidence will make them even more productive. The ease of operation makes a good operator a great operator, and allows a novice excavator operator to be a good, productive operator.”

Kobelco Mark 9 upgrades to the main valve and intelligent hydraulics, as well as new joysticks with proportional controls for the auxiliary hydraulics, contribute to the controllability upgrades of this new excavator.

The Power Boost feature on the SK210 Mark 9 delivers 10% more bucket breakout force on command, without time limit, while the Heavy Lift delivers 10% more lifting and swing capability on command, without time limit.

SCR engine technology

By choosing SCR technology for meeting Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations, Kobelco provides leadership in engine performance, productivity and fuel efficiency. SCR is an after-treatment only solution that allows the excavator’s engine to do what it does best – generate power. The high efficiency in the combustion process significantly reduces fuel consumption while improving power. SCR with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is also the preferred choice for working in extreme temperatures.

“The average rate of consumption of DEF is about 5% of fuel, so refilling is only required every fourth or fifth fuel tank refill – or, on average, every eight to 10 days,” Norwood says.

The upgrade to electronic control of the common rail fuel injection on the SK210 Mark 9 excavator gains efficiency, while also providing more exact fuel metering and fuel/air ratio.

ROPS/FOPS certified cab

The larger, isolation-mounted cab on the SK210 Mark 9 excavator accommodates all operator sizes and features rollover (ROPS) and falling object (FOPS) protection. Repositioned controls, moveable front and door windows and more glass improve visibility from the sides of the cab.

A new control monitor provides key operating data – including a new function which graphs fuel consumption per hour – and a rear camera view to expand the operator’s view to the back of the machine. An optional air-suspension seat with heated cushions provides additional operator comfort.

Three working modes, two attachment modes

To match work operations, the work mode system provides three modes – H Mode, for heavy-duty excavation and loading work, gives priority to the workload at high speed; S Mode, for standard digging and loading work, provides versatility; and E Mode, for economy, leverages more of the intelligent hydraulics features to deliver exceptional fuel efficiency with productivity for normal digging conditions – and two attachment modes – B Mode, breaker/hammer optimized (one-way hydraulic flow); and A Mode, for auxiliary attachment work such as demolition with a crusher/nibbler breaker or shear (two-way/two-pump flow).

Meeting a wide range of applications

One of the most productive machines in its size class, the Kobelco SK210 Mark 9 is engineered for a variety of applications, including road and bridge, sewer and underground utilities, as well as site development. The excavator is available with several factory-available configurations – including High & Wide, Long Reach and Mass Excavation versions – and a choice of three undercarriage options. Heavy-duty frames, booms, arms and undercarriages are standard on all Mark 9 excavators.

The SK210 Mark 9 Long Reach, ideal for dredging and bigger ditch cleaning jobs, has a maximum reach of 52 feet. The SK210 Mark 9 High & Wide has a more stable stance, making it ideal for such applications as craning large pipe, loading out trucks and scrap, and forestry work.

An optional reinforced, severe duty undercarriage is available for working in forestry, rock or with single grouser track shoes. An optional special application package, featuring High & Wide undercarriage, reinforced frame, guarding, auxiliary hydraulics with extra rotation pump, and provisions for a cab riser, is available for above-ground applications such as forestry and scrap handling.

Additional features on the new Kobelco SK210 Mark 9 excavator include swing flashers and step extensions. Plug-in capability for telematics is standard on all Mark 9 excavators. For even greater productivity and precision, all Kobelco Mark 9 excavators are compatible with grade control systems from leading suppliers to meet customer preference and applications.

A full selection of buckets, couplers and thumbs are offered to maximize the machine’s versatility.