World Ag Expo Announces 2013 Top 10 New Product Winners

World Ag Expo announces the winners for its 2013 Top 10 New Products competition.

Results are in for World Ag Expo's Top 10 New Products competition. The winners will be showcased February 12 to 14, 2013 during the 46th Annual World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. A group of judges made up of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals selected the Top 10 New Products.

ADA Enterprises

This year, one of the products ADA Enterprises is exhibiting at the show has been selected as a 2013 Top 10 New Products winner. This first-of-its-kind product provides a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for newly-weaned calves, replacement heifers and veal calves.

"It's always fun to be at World Ag Expo because there's so much going on," says Jake Stenzel, ADA's sales manager. "We've taken orders for our products at the show and have signed up dealers we met there."

Be sure to stop by the Farm Credit Dairy Center to see this product.

Freeman, a division of Allied Systems

After five years of development, Freeman has introduced a baler attachment - designed to improve bale uniformity and baling efficiency - that meets the same standards of rugged, dependable performance as the company's balers. This innovative attachment has been selected for a Top 10 New Products Award for 2013 World Ag Expo.

"It's a fantastic honor, and we're humbled to receive it," says Dave Bochsler, marketing manager for Freeman. "It's a great recognition of our dedication to our products and our customers."

Stop by Freedom's booth on Median Street between "M" and "N" Streets for a closer look.

Barrier Systems LLC

While watching television coverage of hundreds of volunteers filling sandbags during a flood in Fargo, ND, general contractor Joe Hartley thought, "There has to be a better way."

After two years of design and testing, plus another year in the patent process, a completely new approach for using sandbags in a wide range of applications - from agriculture, flood and erosion control, landscaping, pipeline construction and the military - rolled off the factory floor. Development of this year's Top 10 New Product reflects Hartley's experience in construction.

Visit this company on "M" Street between South Greenbelt and South Street.

Clemens Vineyard Equipment Inc.

Clemens Vineyard Equipment Inc., a name known among grape growers around the world, has been exhibiting at World Ag Expo for at least 15 years. This year, the company is introducing a product, selected for Top 10 New Product honors, that could dramatically change the way American growers plot and plant their vineyards and some tree crops.

"Vineyards are a niche market for agricultural equipment, so I'm absolutely honored to receive the Top 10 New Product Award for this highly-specialized machine," says Thomas Clemens, president of the company.

Learn more about this product at World Ag Expo on "F" Street near South Street.

L&H Airco

A system featuring breakthrough technology to cool warehouses, processing facilities and other large enclosed areas has been selected as a 2013 World Ag Expo Top 10 New Product.

It was developed by Seeley International, which was started in 1972 by Frank Seeley in his garage in South Adelaide, South Australia. Since then the company has grown to become Australia's largest air conditioning manufacturer and a global leader in developing innovative, energy-efficient cooling and heating products. Seeley International holds more than 300 patents and exports its products to more than 100 countries.

See the L&H Airco Top 10 winner on Median and "E" Street.

Gripple Inc.

The 2013 World Ag Expo Top 10 New Products include a new device that provides a fast, simple way to secure and tension quarter-inch cable. Designed for high-load agricultural applications, such as those found in wind structures, hail/bird netting, trellis tie-backs and long fencing runs, it's made by Gripple Inc.

"The company prides itself on ideas and innovation, and we are continually developing new products that make cumbersome tasks faster and easier," says Elise Balsamo, the company's marketing manager.

Gripple has been exhibiting at World Ag Expo for many years. "We always enjoy the show and the exciting atmosphere that it brings," she says.

Stop by Pavilion A to check out this winning product.

I.D.ology & DVM Systems

The product tracks the health and reproductive status of dairy cows, enabling the rapid location of selected cows via their RFID identifier. The results of three years of research at five universities in the United States and Canada, along with trials at two large commercial dairies are reflected in this unique system.

It also represents the efforts and cooperation of a determined group of individuals who pooled their resources, talents and expertise to improve on existing technology. By applying their various skills and experience in such areas as digital technology, radio frequency technology, wireless communication, research, sales and marketing, they ended up dramatically advancing the state-of-the art product.

Be sure to stop by the Farm Credit Dairy Center to see this product.

GK Machine Inc.

An innovative piece of equipment that improves safety, efficiency and productivity of land leveling operations by streamlining the process has been chosen as one of the Top 10 New Products for World Ag Expo 2013. It was developed by GK Machine Inc., a fabrication job shop, manufacturer of machinery, and supplier of hydraulic specialty equipment for agriculture.

"It's very satisfying to be selected as a Top 10 New Product," says Connie Bradley, Marketing Director for the company.

See them on the corner of North Greenbelt and "O" Street.

Multiplaz North America

The 2013 Top 10 New Product from Multiplaz features space-age technology - literally. Based on a forerunner developed by a Russian physicist for use on spacecraft, the simple-to-use machine eliminates the need for shielding gases, specialized electrodes, compressors and other cumbersome equipment to cut, join, harden and clean a variety of metals.

Multiplaz holds the only worldwide patent for this unique technology. The product, which has been on the market in Europe nearly 10 years, was recently introduced in North America.

See the new product in Multiplaz's booth outside the Farm Credit Dairy Center.

Hammer Works Mfg. LLC

Hammer Works Mfg. is back at World Ag Expo for the second time. At the 2012 show, the newly-formed company introduced its first toolbox product - a short handle proprietary zinc composite hammer that absorbs energy to eliminate bounce, vibration and sparks when striking metal parts, such as ball joints, axle shafts and wheel studs.

This year, the company is a winner of a Top 10 New Products Award for its heavy-duty snap-on device for quickly and easily disconnecting engine electrical power for routine maintenance, equipment management or in emergency situations.