Ames Laboratory Leading Research Effort to Address Shortage of Rare Earth Materials

Ames Laboratory will lead the research and development of solutions to address the shortage of rare earth metals used to manufacture electric vehicles, advanced batteries and a variety of other products.

Ames Laboratory has received an award to research and develop solutions to the U.S's shortage of rare earth metals used to manufacture products critical to energy security such as electric vehicles, advanced batteries and several other products. 

The laboratory's award of $120 million over five years will enable it to establish the Critical Materials Institute (CMI) which will bring together academia, four U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories and the private sector.

Finding solutions to the rare earth metals shortage will enable U.S. manufacturers to continue to be global leaders in various technologies such as communications and control systems as well as further advance the clean energy industry. 

Research at the new research facility will focus on technologies that enable manufacturers to make better use of materials the country already has access to domestically and eliminate the need for materials that can be subject to supply disruptions.

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