Maxima Technologies' Facilities Reach Safety Milestone

Maxima Technologies announces that two of its facilities have reached a safety milestone by going one year without incurring a lost-time incident.

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Maxima Technologies, a full-service global electronics and software company that specializes in precisely engineered standard vehicle instrumentation, controls, components and systems for severe-duty applications, announces that two of its facilities have not incurred a lost-time incident in one year.

Maxima Technologies’ Lancaster facility achieved this milestone in August, and the plant in Juarez, Mexico reached this important goal in June 2011. Even though the two locations are far apart, they follow the same rigorous safety protocols, including safety awareness training, visual metrics and weekly Gemba walks.

The visual metrics include a safety board, with green crosses that clearly indicate safety performance to employees. Gemba walks are weekly trips through the facility, in which managers talk with various supervisors throughout the plant, and share what they have learned with the rest of the employees. In Maxima’s Lancaster facility, staff have proactively taken steps to recognize and correct hazards throughout the plant, including noise impact and chemicals, as part of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s Consultative program. 

“We’re extremely proud of this achievement, which reflects our commitment to teamwork and integrity,” says John Buck, president of Maxima. “The key to our safety program is our employees. They play an active role in our safety committee, regular safety audits and weekly Gemba walks.”