High Steel Service Center Expands Availability of its HIGHSL Steel

High Steel Service Center announces it has expanded delivery of its HIGHSL product line to include seven states.

High Steel Service Center LLC, a metal service center based in Lancaster, PA, has doubled the distance its trucks travel to deliver processed coil steel to fabricators. The company now serves customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, and New York.

High Steel Service Center expanded its four-hour service radius to eight hours in response to demand for its new HIGHSL sheet and plate products, which are stress-free and remain flat during laser cutting operations. Introduced in July 2012, HIGHSL has transformed the company from a local metal distributor to a full value-added master distributor serving the growing laser quality market.

“People who understand and appreciate the value of truly flat steel want HIGHSL,” says Jim Cunningham, vice president of sales and marketing. “We are meeting their need for cost-effective products that support their profitable growth.” Billed by the company as “panel-flat that stays flat,” HIGHSL is currently the only stress-free coil steel produced on the East Coast.

HIGHSL is processed on High Steel Service Center’s new $10 million HIGHSL line, which comprises a Red Bud Industries Inc. stretcher leveler and two Bradbury roller levelers, one of which has Bradbury’s technologically advanced eDrive. The line is the only one of its kind in the United States.

High Steel Service Center customers value the flatness of HIGHSL steel because it eliminates processing problems and downtime that results when internal stresses cause warping and buckling during fabrication. The company’s equipment stretches the coil steel beyond its yield point, relieving 100% of the internal stresses introduced at the mill and rendering the material the flattest it can be.

“When our customers cut HIGHSL, it stays flat,” says Cunningham. “This protects their equipment, throughput and operating efficiencies. As a result, our customers’ final product quality is better and their operating costs are lower.”

High Steel Service Center delivers steel to customers on trucks owned and operated High Transit LLC, which is also based in Lancaster, PA. Both companies are affiliates of High Industries Inc.