Scania offering limited edition truck based on Streamline model

Scania introduces Blue Stream, a custom-built, limited edition truck based on its Streamline model and the company's V8 heritage.

Scania Blue Stream

Go with the flow – Scania now presents a custom-built, limited edition truck based on the Scania Streamline model and Scania’s unique V8 heritage. Blue Stream has an R-Series cab styled and enhanced in collaboration with Svempa Bergendahl, the legendary Swedish custom truck builder. The unique truck will be pro­duced in 200 numbered units in Södertälje as a tribute to the original Scania Streamline introduced back in 1991 – the first, truly aero­dynamic cab in the heavy truck industry.

“With the re-introduction of Scania Streamline last year, we got a lot of positive feed­back from customers who had been driving the original 3-Series Scania Streamline back in the day,” says Kristoffer Nyberg, Product Manager Long-haulage at Scania Trucks. “Many especially recalled the striking appearance of the light blue truck with pink and purple striping. When we decided to honor that icon with a limited edition model of the new Scania Streamline, we of course wanted to involve Svempa since there is no better man for the task. The limited edition Blue Stream is characterized by a unique metallic exterior, striping and interior details and is produced by Scania’s regular production system, which permits great flexibility.“

“We were thrilled to get this assignment,” says Jan Richter, head designer at Svempas. “We were of course tempted to use the original baby blue color, but, even though iconic, we wanted something that reflects 2014, and ended up with a more vibrant blue metallic color that changes tone depending on viewing angle and light conditions.”

The heritage from the old Streamline is apparent in the striping, but once again more up-to-date, designed to enhance the class-leading aerodynamics of the truck. The distinct Scania V8 design features are further emphasized in the glossy black front grille. Inside the cab, a wide range of features are included while other options can be specified by the customer. Probably the most visible interior styling feature with Blue Stream are the unique, ventilated leather seats, with their exclusive stitching in contrasting colors.

“Blue Stream will be a unique but yet affordable truck within its segment,” says Nyberg. “The styling is bold and striking, but make no mistake, we are talking about trucks that are extremely well-suited for any tough transportation task that requires the kind of solid power that Scania’s V8 engine provide. Coupled with a full air deflector kit and typical hallmark values such as Scania Opticruise and class-leading fuel efficiency, Blue Stream will be just as productive as any other Scania.”

Blue Stream will be available on all Scania markets together with Scania’s V8 engine range, regardless of emission classification, with power outputs ranging from 500 to 730 hp. It can be ordered as a rigid or a tractor in any standard configuration with Highline or Topline sleeper cabs. Each unit will be numbered with a Blue Stream badge on the dashboard.

To further mark their exclusivity, all Blue Stream trucks come with the following packages, which are normally optional:

  • Lighting package
  • Driver package
  • Prestige package
  • Comfort package

The final specification will be set in a dialogue with each customer. Other factory options such as cat-walk, extra storage etc., can be ordered factory fitted from Scania, depending on customer preferences.

“Each Blue Stream will be unique,” adds Nyberg. “But they will all have in common that they carry the Scania Streamline heritage further, while delivering both profit and pride to their owners.”