Mitsubishi introduces forklift truck offering 18% increase in fuel efficiency

Mitsubishi's new FD70N diesel penumatic tire forklift truck exceeds Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations and offers an 18% increase in fuel efficiency.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, manufacturer of reliable and affordable forklift trucks for hard-working applications, has introduced its new 15,500-pound capacity diesel pneumatic tire forklift truck. The new FD70N model exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 4 Interim regulation standards and offers an 18% increase in fuel efficiency over the previous generation.

“We are committed to providing high-performance forklifts that deliver exceptional value,” says Lucas Dumdie, Product Line Manager at Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. “The new FD70N forklift features a high-performance Perkins 854E engine, providing customers with the high torque and power needed to work in tough applications, such as lumber, steel and pipe. Customers will also appreciate the lower fuel efficiency and lower overall cost of ownership.”

Key benefits of the new FD70N forklift include:

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency, High Performance. Equipped with the Perkins 854E, 3.4L turbo-charged four-cylinder engine, the new FD70N provides superior acceleration and torque, especially beneficial when traveling on inclines. The 18% increase in fuel efficiency over the previous generation provides lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Exceptional Durability. The FD70N is designed with an all-steel frame for added resilience and durability. Additionally, the forklift is equipped with an engine protection system that monitors vital fluid levels and temperatures to help reduce the risk of damage to the forklift.
  • Reduced Emissions, Maximum Uptime. The forklift features a low maintenance diesel particulate filter (DPF) that limits the amount of particulate matter, or soot, that is released into the atmosphere. Designed to passively burn off soot in the system, the DPF benefits the operator by allowing them to work more effectively without stopping for routine maintenance.  
  • Less Noise, Improved Comfort. Standard design features such as rubber mounted major components, a fully-insulated steel engine hood, helical transmission gears and fully-enclosed wheel wells reduce overall noise and vibration for a more comfortable working environment. This series also comes equipped with a wide-range of features for operator comfort, such as a full-suspension seat that supports the operator during long shifts.