KAMAG K24 transporters help transport 6,000 tonnes seawater desalination plant

Thirty KAMAG K24 transporters were used to transport a Doosan desalination plant module weighing 6,000 tonnes and measuring 150 meters long and 60 meters wide.

Tii Group Kamagk24 Modular Transporters

Weighing 6,000 tonnes, and measuring 150 meters long and 60 meters wide: a desalination plant module manufactured by the South Korean company Doosan, which was moved by Dongbang, KCTC and Korea Express using KAMAG K24 transporters, was a structure with enormous dimensions. Three identical modules will follow in the next few months, to be transported from the Vietnamese town of Quang Ngai in the direction of the South China Sea.

In the hottest months, temperatures in Quang Ngai, Vietnam, reach 41 C with humidity levels of up to 90%. For the proven KAMAG K24 modular transporters this is not a problem as they work  reliably even under extreme climatic conditions and can transport any cargo whether factory modules for power plants, seawater desalination facilities and oil exploration equipment, or offshore platforms safely to their places of operation. When transporting the seawater desalination plant in Quang Ngai on 200 axle lines, a total of 30 transport modules were used. The possible non-compatibility of the different vehicle generations that were used was not an issue thanks to a special interface. Different generations and versions of the KAMAG K24 can in general be coupled together as required - mechanically coupled by means of connecting elements, or electronically in a loose coupling mode with data line connections.

The close cooperation of three customers in this project, along with the smooth interaction of the KAMAG K24 vehicles used, is a good example of the synergies that KAMAG customers can benefit from through the purchase of modular systems. All components can, if necessary, be borrowed from other companies if they are not available in the existing fleet but are required for a particular job. This applies to the K24 from KAMAG as well as for SCHEUERLE's SPMT, according to Bernd Schwengsbier, Managing Director of TII Sales, the sales organization within the TII Group to which KAMAG belongs.

The KAMAG K24 is available in 4- or 6-axle versions as well as a split variant which allows operating three-file combinations if more supporting area or payload is required in confined spaces. Especially for loads with a high center of gravity, a significantly higher level of stability can be achieved. Due to their compact dimensions, the modules can be loaded on container flat racks and thus be transported very cost-effectively.