AGCO introducing new Massey Ferguson 9505 Series and Gleaner S8 Super Series combines at Farm Progress

At Farm Progress AGCO will introduce new combines featuring Tier 4 Final engines with increased power and improved crop handling.

Massey Ferguson 9545 combine
Massey Ferguson 9545 combine
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AGCO Corporation introduces the 2015 Massey Ferguson 9505 Series and Gleaner S8 Super Series combines at the 2014 Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA, August 26 to 28. Upgrades to each of the unique harvesting platforms meet farmers' evolving needs for a variety of crops and conditions.

Massey Ferguson 2015 9505 Series Combines

Massey Ferguson 9500 Series combines have built a reputation for simplicity and capacity since their introduction in 2011, and the new 9505 Series builds on the original successful design while providing farmers better flexibility and performance.

The 9505 Series includes three new models, Classes 6, 7 and 8, each with more processor-driving horsepower from new Tier 4 Final AGCO POWER diesel engines. The MF9525 is rated at 322 hp and 398 maximum boost hp with a six-cylinder, 8.4-liter engine. The MF9545 and MF9565 are powered by AGCO POWER seven-cylinder, 9.8-liter engines. The MF9545 is rated at 375 hp and 451 maximum boost hp, while the MF9565 is rated at 460 hp and 490 maximum boost hp.

"We understand that farmers are harvesting more crops in a variety of different conditions and they need a combine that performs well across the board," says Kevin Cobb, AGCO Combine Marketing Manager. "These new 9505 Series combines take the simple, high-capacity design of the 9500 Series and make it even more versatile and productive."

The 9505 Series machines are designed for cleaner harvesting by joining Massey Ferguson's proven Trident processor with a new variable-speed hydraulic-drive fan, which is adjustable from 100 to 1,350 rpm. The extended fan-speed range eliminates the need to switch pulleys to adjust for various crop types, and provides excellent performance while harvesting grass seed and canola.

For corn and soybean operators, the 9505 Series offers perforated panels that allow for better control of material distribution on the shoe and enhance rotor and shoe performance. The panels provide better distribution of material in the separation and threshing area.

Up front, the 9505 Series combines have a variable-speed header drive with heavier-duty components to match the machine's new power ratings. The new drive system is more durable, so farmers spend less time on repairs and maintenance, all while providing more than 28% more power to the header. This system is perfect for running larger corn and chopping headers.

The 9505 Series has the field-proven V-Cool cooling system, which provides improved engine-heat rejection by positioning the radiator, hydraulic-cooling heat exchangers and the air-to-air intercooler in a V-shaped design below a variable-speed, hydraulically driven fan. Fan speed varies according to conditions, so the fan only draws as much power from the engine as needed, increasing fuel efficiency. The V-Cool system also includes a "purge" cycle that reverses the fan to clear off chaff and other debris, which keeps the engine running and reduces the need to stop and clean the system.

All three 9505 Series combines can be equipped Ag Leader-ready as a factory option that allows for yield monitoring with a live yield map. The option includes an elevator mount unit, yield sensor, moisture sensor, speed module and harness. Farmers need only add the Ag Leader display of their choice.

For operator comfort, the 9505 Series comes with an enhanced cab design that includes a more spacious layout, new steering column, improved ergonomic control placements and an updated headliner. Improvements provide the farmer better visibility and a more comfortable workstation for long hours in the field. On the outside, the 9505 Series has fresh styling with a sleek two-tone design that features new decal placement and gray bin extensions, unload auger and engine deck.

Finally, a powered grain-saver option is available for the end of the unloader tube. The grain saver rotates when the unloading auger is engaged or disengaged, eliminating grain loss from the auger, especially when the auger is shut off while full of grain.

Upgraded Gleaner 2015 S8 Super Series Combines
The transverse rotary Gleaner S8 Super Series combines continue the Gleaner legacy of providing farmers with a light, nimble, efficient harvester with outstanding capacity, grain quality and reliability. A number of design elements contribute to the performance, notably the XR transmission with two-speed hydro for on-the-go shifting and plenty of power to climb hills while harvesting. Its unitized, welded mainframe provides strength, a low center of gravity and true centerline design for better handling in adverse field conditions. The light weight and lack of 90-degree gearboxes in the Gleaner design reduce maintenance requirements, increase fuel efficiency and ensure more engine power goes to threshing.

Gleaner 2015 S8 Super Series combines enhance the Optimum Harvesting Performance platform with updates that increase capacity, especially in high-moisture conditions, and provide an unparalleled clean grain sample.

"Every Gleaner combine we build, we build with the farmer in mind," says Kevin Bien, Gleaner Brand Marketing Manager. "For 2015, we've upgraded the S8 Super Series with increased capacity for farmers who need to get out early and harvest high-moisture crops. The Gleaner platform is a natural for that situation, since the S88 is nearly 8 tons lighter than competitive Class 8 combines, for less compaction in softer fields."

The 2015 Gleaner lineup includes Class 6, 7 and 8 combines. The S68 is powered by an AGCO POWER six-cylinder 8.4-liter engine, while the S78 and S88 are powered by a 9.8-liter AGCO POWER engines. The S68 is rated at 322 hp, with 398 maximum boost hp. The S78 provides 375 rated hp and 451 maximum boost hp, while the S88 is rated at 430 hp and 471 maximum boost hp. Each engine meets Tier 4 Final standards with efficient, effective diesel exhaust fluid dosing paired with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and dual turbochargers with external-cooled EGR. Without heat-generating diesel particulate filters, these engines run cooler and last longer.

To give farmers even cleaner grain in the tank and lower losses in the field, the S8 Series has a perforated cascade pan for the cleaning shoe to provide a 12.8% increase in pneumatic cleaning area. The change provides greater capacity, especially for farmers who need to harvest earlier in higher-moisture conditions.

The 2015 Gleaner S8 Super Series combines come standard with concave filler plates to boost threshing performance in wheat and other small grains. A new separator blanking kit is now available, which includes three blanks for maximum performance in grass seed, sunflowers and specialty crops. In addition, a perforated elevator door kit makes harvesting soybeans and edible beans in sandy conditions a much cleaner operation.

The clean grain elevator drive has been sped up by 6% for 2015, enabling farmers to run more than 5,000 bushels of dry corn through the elevator every hour.

For farmers interested in conservation tillage, the 2015 S8 Super Series has a longer-lasting and more efficient straw spreader. The spreader motor was moved 2 in. to the rear for better straw and residue discharge, and changes were made to cut spreader curtain and paddle wear by 50%.

With heavier loads of high-yielding grain crops, farmers need more muscle to steer their harvesters. New S8 Super Series models get a higher-capacity rear-wheel assist steering control unit, with a larger cylinder to help in fully loaded conditions.

All three combines can be equipped Ag Leader–ready as a factory option that allows for yield monitoring with a live yield map. The kit includes an elevator mount unit, yield sensor, moisture sensor, speed module and harness. Farmers need only add the Ag Leader display of their choice.

The GleanerCare uptime assurance program is now available for all Gleaner S8 Super Series combines purchased from GleanerCare dealers. GleanerCare is an optional program that provides maximum uptime assurance during harvest for farmers.