John Deere introduces WorkSight video series to demonstrate capabilities for machine optimization

John Deere has released a video series for its WorkSight technologies to demonstrate how the system can help owners, operators and fleet managers optimize their machines and work site productivity.

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As online video content continues its surge in popularity, John Deere is utilizing the platform to highlight the advantage of data analysis for machine optimization using John Deere WorkSight technologies.

“John Deere WorkSight is a tool that owners and operators are only just beginning to see its full potential,” says Liz Quinn, Product Marketing Manager, John Deere WorkSight, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “Many of our customers do not realize the amount of data they have access to that can help increase productivity and performance for their businesses. We created these animations with one goal in mind – increasing our customers’ uptime and productivity.”

The Construction & Forestry Division produced a series of videos to help owners, operators, and fleet managers understand the many benefits of WorkSight and how it optimizes their machines, uptime and jobsites. The videos provide a bite-sized, topic-specific overview on subjects that are difficult to see and understand.

The videos address the following topics:

John Deere WorkSight is a technology package that includes JDLink machine monitoring system, machine health prognostics, remote diagnostics, payload weighing, and grade control. Three years of the JDLink Ultimate machine monitoring system, machine health prognostics, and remote diagnostic and programming capability comes standard on almost all new John Deere construction machines. Grade control choices and four-wheel-drive loader payload weighing choices carry distinct option pricing.