MacLean Engineering celebrates 400th Series 900 Scissor Bolter

MacLean Engineering's 400th Series 900 Scissor Bolter was commissioned by the Vale, Manitoba Operations - T3/1D Mine.

The commissioning of MacLean Engineering’s milestone 400th Series 900 Scissor Bolter was celebrated with an underground ceremony at the Vale, Manitoba Operations – T3/1D Mine. “We’re proud of the MacLean bolter legacy, and are constantly pushing ourselves to come up with the next game changer in our industry,” notes MacLean Engineering President Kevin MacLean. “Safety and productivity remain the operational drivers for mines around the world, so we feel we have much to offer up the global mining industry, based on our nearly half-century of manufacturing solutions for the underground environment.”

MacLean Engineering is a company built on innovation partnerships, and there’s no better example of this kind of collaboration for underground safety and productivity than the delivery of our 400th Series 900 Scissor Bolter to the Vale, Manitoba Operations – T3/1D Mine,” notes MacLean Engineering founder and Chairman Don MacLean. “I want to thank Vale for believing in our manufacturing vision and product line over the years, and our employees for helping to build and sustain our unique approach to equipment manufacturing.”

The MacLean scissor bolter technology was originally developed in 1984. Since that time, it has evolved and gone on to become a staple in the Canadian hard rock mining industry, one that is now increasingly exported to underground mining customers around the globe. The machine’s mobile platform for single-operator bolt and wire mesh installation provides application accuracy, speed, versatility, and, most importantly, greater safety protection as operators are always under protected ground.