Antonio Carraro introduces Tigre 4400 F luxury super-compact tractor for specialized applications

Antonio Carraro's new luxary super-compact tractor is designed to meet the needs of specialized agriculture, green area maintenance and building site operations.

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Tigre 4400 F (38 CV) is an Antonio Carraro luxury super-compact tractor aimed at specialized agriculture, green area maintenance, building sites and material movement. It is fitted with a PTO synchronized with all gearbox speeds, fitted with a clutch for independent engagement and disengagement when loaded.

The hydraulic system can come with a draft position and control lift with simple and double effect hydraulic engagement (with floating position) with up to four settings and four quick release catches (opt). The lift system has a three-point hitch powerlift and adjustable rods and a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg.

The driving platform is suspended on anti-vibrating devices. The drive position is the best part of this tractor since it is ample and comfortable, with great ease of access even for the least agile operators.