Volvo Trucks unveils Ride for Freedom Truck honoring America’s military service members

Volvo Trucks' New River Valley plant has unveiled its 2015 Ride for Freedom truck which features various graphics to honor military service members.

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Volvo Trucks’ New River Valley (NRV) assembly plant in Dublin, VA, unveiled the design of its 2015 Ride for Freedom truck, which honors U.S. military service members. The memorial truck will accompany a motorcade of about 160 motorcycles from the plant to Washington, D.C., during the Run for the Wall motorcycle rally Memorial Day weekend.

For 24 years, NRV employees and the UAW Local 2069 Veteran Committee have participated in the event, designing and installing special graphics to salute America’s military heroes as part of the rally. The Run for the Wall rally pays tribute to those who have been captured or lost their lives while serving in America’s armed forces.

The graphics on this year’s Volvo VNL 670 salute all military service members and offer special recognition to those who served in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The truck features images of soldiers, military equipment and military dogs, with an eagle carrying an American flag. As in years past, the veteran’s committee focused on imagery that would provoke thought and reflection, educate the public and incorporate a healing aspect.