Komatsu America Corp. Introduces the D39EX/PX-24 Crawler Dozer

Award-winning, super-slant-nose design, change-on-the-fly work modes that match power to work conditions and an efficient hydrostatic transmission that helps burn up to 5% less fuel.

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Komatsu America Corp., introduced the new D39EX/PX-24 crawler dozer, a smooth, powerful, quiet machine for grading across a wide range of applications.

“I’d say to anyone looking for a nimble, powerful machine that’s easy to transport and a breeze to operate, this is the dozer for you,” says Jonathan Tolomeo, Komatsu product manager. “Residential and commercial development, highways, golf courses - the D39EX/PX-24 gets it done on any of these light-to-medium dozing and fine grading applications and more,” Tolomeo says.

Under the hood

  • A 3.26 L, 105 HP, EPA Tier 4 Final certified, SAA4D95E-7 engine offers the same power, while increasing fuel efficiency with the addition of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
  • A new water cooled, Variable Flow Turbocharger, provides added durability and excellent engine response.
  • The Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst provides 98% passive regeneration and does not interfere with machine operation. 
  • New auto-idle shutdown and economy modes that help reduce idle time and save fuel.

Machine performance enhancements

  • New standard, operator-selectable, automatic reverse grading mode enables automatic blade control, per customer feedback.
  • New Triple Labyrinth final drive and cover design provide improved protection from mud and debris.

Other noteworthy features:

  • A choice between quick-shift, three-speed mode and a variable, 20-speed customizable transmission mode to suit personal preferences.
  • Proprietary engine and hydrostatic transmission technology that improves machine efficiency and cuts fuel consumption.
  • Pioneering Level 5 KOMTRAX telematics system and monitor that provides key machine metrics, including DEF consumption, fuel level, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts. 
  • New Operator ID also makes it possible to view KOMTRAX data by job, application or operator.
  • Large, multi-lingual, 7 inch, high-resolution LCD monitor with Ecology Guidance that helps operators monitor machine performance for maximum fuel efficiency and follow real-time integrated diagnostics for troubleshooting without a laptop.
  • Standard rear-view monitoring system that promotes increased operator awareness of potential worksite hazards.