Scania Hosting Sustainable Transport Forum in Conjunction with Launch of New Generation Trucks

The Sustainable Transport Forum will outline Scania's intention to lead the shift toward sustainable transport solutions, and will include speakers such as former Secretary-General of the UN Kofi Annan.

Scania will host a Sustainable Transport Forum in Paris on August 23, in conjunction with the launch of the new generation Scania. Keynote speakers at the event include the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan.  

The Sustainable Transport Forum in Paris underlines Scania's intention of leading the shift towards a sustainable transport system, a prerequisite for fulfilling the objectives of the Paris agreement and for achieving Sustainable Development.

"When we launch the new generation Scania we want to take the opportunity to gather some of the most influential leaders to strengthen the global commitment to achieving sustainable societies," says Henrik Henriksson, CEO at Scania.

Scania wants to use the Transport Forum to highlight the broader context within which it acts, and show how the world can go from global agreements to global actions. The world is getting closer to the point when it may actually be too late to act.

"We need to bend the curve of global CO2 emissions within four years and then steeply reduce emissions to reach a fossil free world economy until 2050. For me, it’s no longer a question if humanity will move in a sustainable direction, but if we will manage to do it fast enough. The transportation sector plays a vital role in the transformation that has to happen," says Professor Johan Rockström, Director Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Scania also wants to inspire the rest of the industry by focusing on opportunities arising from partnerships and by addressing the world’s next paradigm shift – moving from the industrial to the digital age – along with looking at what challenges need to be faced to achieve true sustainability.

"When we look back in some 20 years time, I'm certain we will be able to say that the shift towards sustainable transports started here and that we were a part of the solution. I'm proud that Scania, together with our trusted partners, is leading the way towards a more sustainable future," says Henriksson.

The Sustainable Transport Forum will be held at Grand Palais in Paris on Tuesday August 23, speakers include:

  • Kofi Annan, former secretary General of the UN 
  • Georg Kell, Founding Director of the United Nations Global Compact 
  • Anna Johansson, Swedish Minister for Infrastructure 
  • Andreas Renschler, Chairman Board of Directors Scania, CEO VW Truck & Bus 
  • Michael Treschow, former Chairman of Unilever 
  • Professor Johan Rockström, Director Stockholm Resilience Centre 
  • Henrik Henriksson, CEO and President Scania 

Follow the launch and Forum through Scania’s channels.