Manitou Launches its First Factory in Latin America

Manitou Group has opened a new facility in Brazil to meet the market potential it foresees in that region.

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Manitou Group, the French worldwide market leader in all-terrain materials handling trucks, has inaugurated its new Brazilian subsidiary in Vinhedo (Sao Paulo state). This new implementation confirms the international ambitions of Manitou group, due to a desire to develop new market share, and to strengthen its local presence in the region.

The company has sold Manitou products in Brazil since 2008, working with dealers and a regional office in the country, directly managed from France. In 2014, the company initiated a deep analysis of the Brazilian market, and started the commercialization of the Gehl and Mustang brands in the country. Since then, the group has identified the opportunity to invest in Brazil, and began its expansion project in the market with the construction of the factory in Vinhedo (SP), which was inaugurated on August 24.

The strategy of building a factory in the country is a process that lasted more than six years, comprising research, studies and many visits, which ultimately led to the opening of the first unit in Latin America with 7,000 m². Since the beginning of planning, the project has generated more than 300 direct and indirect jobs. "We want to have a sustainable presence in Brazil. This current market encounter difficulties, but we are really confident for the future. It will take time, but our group will be present when we will have favorable economic situation,says Michel Denis, President & CEO of the company.

Manitou group bets on Brazil as its first production line outside of Europe and the United States, which already has eight plants responsible for the manufacture of its products. The choice of Vinhedo as the site for the factory took into account the ease of access to the airports of Viracopos, in Campinas (SP), and Guarulhos and the Port of Santos, the main entrances of imports and exports in the country.

"Brazil is a very important country for Manitou group, as we see great growth potential here, as with getting FINAME - Machinery and Equipment Financing - it will facilitate the purchase of our machines for the domestic market. Additionally, the country has four major markets for Manitou: mining, construction, industry and agriculture, the latter has the greatest expectation for Brazil,says Marcelo Bracco, General Manager of Manitou Group in Brazil.

The arrival of the company will benefit the after-sales and customer services even more, with quick access to spare parts and a training structure, because the factory also has a specialized methodology for customer service across the country, ensuring the recognized quality of its 60-year history.