New Joy Global DynaMiner Prototype Features DynaCut Technology for Continuous Hard Rock Mining

The Joy Global DynaMiner features a DynaCut disk attached to the smart boom which oscillates to rapidly break rock with minimal energy.

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Building on its transformational DynaCut rock breaking technology, Joy Global revealed its prototype DynaMiner machine at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016.

The prototype machine has two key parts, a DynaCut disk that oscillates, which is mounted to a smart boom. It allows Joy Global’s mining customers to break rock rapidly with minimal energy.

“As we’ve refined the technology, energy in and cut rock out has improved dramatically – meaning a smaller, lower mass, lower cost mining machine,” says Brad Neilson, President of Hard Rock Mining for Joy Global. “Machine size and mobility is important for our customers, so we have focused on keeping it simple and compact.”

Working with industry partners, Joy Global has spent years refining the technology to provide the mining industry a viable alternative to drill and blast. In that time, the company has increased cutting rates by a factor of 10. The resulting process requires much less energy than other hard rock mechanical cutting methods, and will be ideal for use in mining, construction and tunneling, Neilson said.

“This is a completely new field of rock breaking technology,” Neilson adds.

The DynaMiner can cut in any direction and can start by directly cutting into rock. The machine is not limited by the availability of a free edge, allowing for the development of flexible, accurate tunnel profiles of any shape. The prototype machine is now underground at the Newcrest Cadia East mine in Australia.

Used in conjunction with haulage devices and mobile roofbolters, the DynaMiner is part of a hard rock continuous mining system that delivers on Joy Global’s brand promise to help its customers lower their cost per ton and achieve the highest productivity while driving for zero harm.