A Translation Primer for Industrial Manufacturers

Translating product information for customers helps ensure product satisfaction, as well as operator safety in a global business environment.

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In the last 20 years, manufacturers of industrial machinery in the U.S. and Canada have rapidly expanded their sales to every corner of the globe. Today, global business is truly big business. The advantage of selling machinery around the world is obvious: the ability to access new and expanding markets and increase revenues. There are also fresh challenges that come with exporting machinery, not the least of which is providing product information in many different languages.

In years past, manufacturers may have felt that translating instructional information was optional, trusting that “everybody reads English.” Most
companies now recognize that communicating in their customers’ languages is vital for product satisfaction and operator safety. Quality translations influence buyers and impact brand image. Plus, translated information is mandatory in many countries, including the 28 member countries of the European Union.

This White Paper is for you, the technical writing professionals and translation managers in the industrial sector who are responsible for obtaining translations. Here you’ll find a discussion of where to source quality translations along with details to help you develop an efficient and cost-effective translation process with trusted translation partners.