Spectrum Sensors and Controls

St Marys, PA 15857

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328 State Street
PO Box 249
St Marys, PA 15857
Toll Free:530-273-4608

Spectrum Sensors and Controls offers a world of high reliability, precision position sensors and transducers and temperature sensing and thermal products. Founded through several acquisitions, Spectrum Sensors and Controls is fast becoming a leader in a wide variety of specialty markets. In keeping with the Spectrum Control engineered solutions mission, the Sensors and Controls business features a diverse family products based upon several proprietary technologies. The precision position sensor and control products use a flush circuit conductive plastic element for a hard, smooth surface and greater long term reliability compared to raised circuit element products. New Hall Effect non-contact position sensors offer ultra precise, high reliability sensing. The Advanced Thermal Products grop brings years of experience in combining a wide range high precision temperature sensing elements with packaging solutions that satisfy specific applications

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Tom Krahling
Dir Sales & Marketing
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