Kalb Corporation

Oneida, IL 61467-9586

Company Overview

Kalb Corporation provides system-specific HeatBlocker and CoolWrap removable exhaust insulation solutions. Use for DPF efficiency, personnel safety, reduction of engine fires, and reduction of parasitic heat loads.

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521 W. Matthews Court
Oneida, IL 61467-9586
Fax:(309) 483-6159

Kalb Corporation specializes in custom thermal and noise management solutions for engine exhaust systems and components. Our HeatBlocker Performance Exhaust Insulation will protect heat-sensitive components, will decrease engine and crew compartment temperatures, will reduce the likelihood of engine fires, and can increase the efficiency of your after treatment device. Additionally, Kalb Corporation's new product, HeatBlocker-S Insulation offers acoustical insulating solutions with higher temperature capabilities than typical acoustical products. Each system is custom-designed to meet the needs of your specific application with ease of installation and removal being an integral consideration.

Key Contact
Rob Kalb
Vice President
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