AEM Product Safety & Compliance Seminar

Learn how to enhance corporate safety procedures at AEM's annual Product Safety & Compliance Seminar. The 2020 edition set to take place in April has been postponed until further notice.

April 29, 2019
May 2, 2019

**NOTE: The 2020 edition of the Production Liability Seminar, as well as the Product Safety & Compliance Seminar, set to take place in April has been postponed until further notice. AEM will release new dates soon.**

The annual Product Safety & Compliance Seminar, hosted by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), will provide equipment manufacturers a broad range of topics designed to enhance corporate safety programs. Presentations are given by industry experts from the fields of construction, mining, agriculture and more.

This seminar is geared towards company management, product safety and quality managers, design engineers, technical writers, and research and development personnel, as well as training, service and communications professionals involved in product support. Industry veterans as well as those new to the field are encouraged to attend.

The keynote speaker for this year’s Product Safety and Compliance Seminar is U.S. Navy Commander Kenneth Dale Barker, who will share his safety discipline experiences in conventional and nuclear submarines, including the USS Tennessee Nuclear Submarine with Trident D-5 Missile Systems, where young submariners must operate one of the most complex machines made by man, managing weapons of destruction while navigating the hazards of the deep they operate in.

The seminar will be held in conjunction with AEM's Product Liability Seminar which will take place at the same location.


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