PFD10-OD Proportional Flow Divider

Comatrol introduces its PFD10-OD Proportional Flow Divider designed to compensate for flow sharing between two motors or hydraulic circuits.

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Comatrol introduces the PFD10-OD Proportional Flow Divider for compensated flow sharing between two motors or hydraulic circuits. The PFD10-OD is an electro-proportional, compensated, normally open, flow dividing, pre-engineered HIC.

  • Takes input flow and delivers precise flow management
  • Inlet flow is divided equally between the work ports A and B when no current is applied to the coils
  • Features flows up to 40 LPM (10.7 GPM)
  • Flow ratio between two ports proportionally varies as current is provided to coils (from 0 to 40 LPM out each work port)
  • Internal pressure compensation of both work ports provides precise, repeatable and load-independent flow control to both work ports/circuits
  • Built-in pressure compensator provides repeatable flow sharing performance, regardless of loads on the circuits or motors
  • Aluminum manifold design is optimized for small space claim on vehicle, with two mounting holes provided as standard
  • Coils are designed for incorporation on machine control architecture that utilizes Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1 hardware
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