APSCO Receives U.S. Patent for its Proportional Control Pneumatic Cylinder

APSCO announces it has received a U.S. patent for its proportional control pneumatic cylinder technology used to control pump valves in dump trucks.

Apsco Proportional Control Pneumatic Cylinderfor Dump Trucks

Air Power Systems Company (APSCO Inc.), a global manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders, valves and control solutions, has received a U.S patent for its design of a pneumatic cylinder used to control pump valves on dump trucks.

Patent 8,297,586 – for a “proportional control pneumatic cylinder” – provides users precise control of hydraulic spool movement with the air controls on their trucks. 

According to Larry Mocha, APSCO’s President and CEO, the new patented technology will be used by a variety of truck equipment manufacturers.

“Our team is very excited about this latest patent,” says Mocha. “We have a long history of providing solutions to the truck and automotive equipment industries, and this is another example of our company’s ongoing efforts to develop better technology for our customers.” 

This is the fifth U.S. patent issued to APSCO. The company has also filed for three more patents on technology developed by the company.