Aventics Announces Acquisition of Vector Horizon Technology

Aventics' acquisition of Vector Horizon Technology will enable it to expand its business beyond pneumatics technology and strengthen its position in the global commercial vehicle business.

Recently Aventics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components and systems, announced the acquisition of Vector Horizon Technology LLC (VHtek), based in Bowling Green, KY, USA. By this acquisition, the pneumatics specialists will further strengthen its position in the global commercial vehicles business.

Aventics made the move to expand its business beyond pneumatics in order to offer the market both pneumatic and electronic systems and components in response to customer demands. VHteck is a technology company leading innovation in advanced mechatronics primarily for the global truck industry but also covering other areas of Aventics' global sectors and market. The company focuses on engine emissions technologies and develops electric actuators, valves, emissions controls, and other components to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.

The business of VHtek is defined as the management of design, research, development, prototyping of products and applications around the electro-mechanical actuation and electro-hydraulic actuation including air valves such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves, exhaust flap valves, and backpressure valves mainly for application on medium and large engines. 

This business and technology will primarily support further development of Aventics’ commercial vehicle sector. In addition, VHtek technologies and the increased R&D capacities provided by the owners and employees of VHtek, will further benefit Aventics' core sectors such as Industrial Automation, Life Sciences, Energy, Food & Beverage, and Railway Technologies. 

Aventics Corporation, Lexington (USA) acquired the business of VHtek at the beginning of March 2017. The CEO of VHtek, Jon Bigley, is already part of the Aventics organization and has taken over the important role of Global Sector Head Commercial Vehicles. In this role he will further strengthen Aventics' commercial vehicles business.

“With this acquisition we are increasing our impact in the commercial vehicles sector, and complementing our existing portfolio. The products and services of VHtek match well with our pneumatic components and systems. Together we will be a stronger partner for our worldwide customers,” says Paul Cleaver, CEO of Aventics. “As the global demand for energy-efficient products increases, Aventics together with VHtek will master the technological challenges that face our customers and provide them with competitive solutions for their future requirements.”

"VHtek and its employees are excited to be taking this next step in joining Aventics. This solidifies us as one company to achieve our common goals of providing our customers with the necessary technology and best value. Furthermore, our collective desire is to grow our business and establish a strong and lasting position across sectors in our diverse markets,” concludes Bigley.