Kawasaki Precision Machinery (U.S.A.), Inc.

Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Company Overview

Kawasaki is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic systems and components, designed for rigorous operating conditions and built with incredible precision. Serving the Mobile, Marine, and Industrial markets, Kawasaki components deliver excellence.

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3838 Broadmoor Avenue S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
United States

Kawasaki is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic systems and components. With more than 90 years experience in the hydraulics industry, Kawasaki's technological leadership and customer-centered philosophy have resulted in building long-term relationships with top companies around the world. Kawasaki manufactures a wide variety of hydraulic products for mobile, industrial, marine, and other applications. Renowned products including K3V & K3VL axial piston pumps, PV48 & RCV remote control valves, M5X swing motors, and STAFFAâ„¢ high-torque motors are examples of Kawasaki's success in the hydraulics industry.

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